Andy L.

Web developer that specializes in custom development using HTML  CSS  WordPress  PHP.


Multi-page site of a trust management company.
Made design, structure.
Implemented on WordPress.

A small landing page for a wood furniture company.
Made using WordPress + Elementor at the request of the customer.

A multi-page site for the sale of VoIP services, made on WordPress according to the presented design. Implemented many small solutions for adaptability and usability.

Internet shop of teapots, made according to the design of the customer. Online payment is connected, delivery service API is integrated, and CRM for for order processing

Bot for alerting about an air alert in Ukraine, made on PHP, integrated into the popular Telegram messenger. It allows you to select the region to be notified about.

Bot for checking IP addresses, made on PHP, integrated into the popular Telegram messenger. The bot receives information from 3 different sources and outputs via the web version, console or telegram messenger

A small landing page for the sale of one product. Made as an example and does not carry any information

A small landing page for a hotel chain. Made as an example and does not carry any information

A landing page for an IT server technology company

A multi-page website for Czech realtor Martin Strašík, designed in a business-minimalist style.

There is functionality for paid subscription to «signals», automatic transfer of articles that have lost relevance from paid to free, automatic deduction of monthly subscription fee for using the site. Several payment gateways have been linked, which are most relevant to the American market.

Website for Famous Party, booking animators and children’s parties.
Implemented on WordPress. Developed design, logo, corporate colours. Notifications about the order come via Telegram and Vyber.

A small multi-page site for the service «Cash Trip»

Multi-page website of the dog breeding company «Friendly Dog»

A large European online building materials retailer.

A single product sales website for a Czech entrepreneur.

Made a «tasty» landing page =) to the client’s order.
Designed company logo, corporate colours.
There is a feedback form on the website.

Service for the organisation and automation of maintenance, repair and dispatching of engineering systems of facilities and security systems, based on the principles of open standards OpenRAN.
Made according to the customer’s design layout on wordpress.

Multi-page website of Wice Boy Barber Shop, with an online appointment for a particular barber, feedback form, list of services and bartenders.

A small multi-page site for the SECURITY SYSTEMS service

A webpage for a building mesh company «Vostok Setka». Implemented in Wordress + elementop pro, according to customer’s layout.